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Bridging the Gap between Vision and Reality

Guided by Egypt’s vision 2030 to create a better future for its citizens and realizing that we are in an era where demographics, technology and the nature of higher education itself are in transition, Modern Education Services (MES) was founded by a diversified group of Egyptian entrepreneurs who teamed up with prominent and visionary academics to build and operate Educational institutions in higher education as well as technical and vocational education.  Its first project is establishing the International Academic Campus (IAC).

International Academic Campus (IAC), is a state-of-the-art 126,000 m2 campus designed to accommodate 7000 students at steady state.  The layout of the campus will create a space where a poet and a coder could meet spontaneously.  Furthermore, interdisciplinary activities for faculty and students are encouraged to equip graduate students with the required interpersonal and academic skills to enable them to compete in a global marketplace. 

Our aim is not just to venture into education as a business, but to serve the community both locally and regionally and to attract students from Egypt, the Middle East and neighboring African countries,  offering them world class education and cultural exposure.  

Why MES?

Our vision is to create a new university in the form of an International Branch Campus (IBC) that will be a globally recognized leader in higher education, providing student centric and digitally enhanced learning opportunities through distinguished teaching.

We are dedicated to providing Egyptian and foreign students with affordable academic opportunities that enhance their employability and that connect them to the global economy. We will do this by working with our university partner(s) to improve the higher education system in Egypt by fostering a research driven culture and engaging women and marginalized demographics.

Given the current strength of the private higher education market in Egypt, making this vision a reality will be beneficial to all involved: our partner university, MES, students from all countries, the country of Egypt

Strategic Plan


To be an internationally recognized hub for Higher, Technical, Vocational and Continuous Education that prepares and empowers diverse learner groups to contribute to, and succeed in competitive global societies. 


· To provide students from Egypt, the region and the world with affordable academic opportunities enabling them to achieve their full potential.

• To enhance students’ personal, professional and entrepreneurial skill-based standards at a world class competitive level that promotes the demand for their skills in the global economy.

• To identify and meet the needs of current and potential stakeholders.

• To provide students with the leverage of international partnerships that cultivate a progressive and sustainable teaching/learning environment in academic, research and vocational programs.

Strategic Goals

21stCentury Learning and Teaching

· Promote excellence in learning and teaching;

· Continuous development of, and diversity in, our learning and teaching provision; 

  • Create and sustain a culture that supports teaching and learning excellence in all academic and vocational programs;

· Support our learners to become proactive and reflective; and

· Attract excellent diverse groups of learners

Excellence in Research and Innovation

  • Encourage new and emerging areas of research across the boundaries of traditional disciplines;
  • Provide solutions to important local and global challenges;
  • Provide solutions and leadership in solving critical national, regional and global challenges;
  • Develop a culture of enterprise and research commercialization; and
  • Create an environment that sustains creativity and innovation

Societal Impact and Engagement

  • Diversity and Inclusion to empower women and less advantaged groups to become active society members and leaders;
  • Construct a unified concept and vision for our public engagement mission;
  • Build and sustain active partnerships that are focused on effectively addressing areas of mutually beneficial interest;
  • Working with communities through research, teaching and learning;
  • Create and extend knowledge that advances the well-being of communities on national and international levels; and
  • Enhance and promote continuous education and lifelong learning on our campuses and in our communities

Skills for Global Competitiveness

· Provide our students with 21stcentury skills for global competition and market economy;

· Maintain the highest international standards in learning, teaching and research;

· Develop a dynamic structure for inclusion of new local and global market skills and requirements;

· Contribute to the development of a high-skill economy in support of key national priorities; and

· Promote collaboration and exchange with leading International Education Institutions

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